TALK is extremely proud of the services its therapists provide. Please take a moment and read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!


“We love the experience we’ve had with TALK. Our son has been working with Virginia since June and has showed HUGE improvement since he began. He was receiving therapy through another source throughout the previous year and demonstrated very little progress during that time. Once we switched to TALK, we noticed immediate results. Virginia has been extremely kind and inviting, which has made a big difference. Our son is always happy to go and feels rewarded for his efforts. Virginia always does a great job sending tips and materials home to work with and sends regular updates and progress reports. We would happily recommend TALK to anyone who is looking for a quality speech therapy experience!”   
Laura P., Richmond, Virginia.

“Both my sons, now ages 5 and 4 have been students of the TALK programs, especially Meghan Cyplik for almost two years. They adore her! Not only has she helped them both tremendously with their speech issues, but she has taught them how to work through their own difficulties and frustrations. Meghan is a very focused and loving teacher. Not only has she taught both boys how to self correct but how to help each other when they incorrectly say something. She is also very diligent about sending work home to reinforce lessons taught in their private tutoring sessions.  I am very thankful to the program for diagnosing them both early on so we could intervene at the preschool level. I know that it was this early intervention that has contributed to success both in and out of the classroom! Thank you!”   
Holly Shaheen Newman, Richmond, Virginia
 ”The service performed by speech pathologists with TALK, L.C. has been outstanding. One of the most important tasks that schools face is communication—with parents, caregivers, and families, as well as student communication with peers and teachers. Research shows that expressive communication skills are one of the most important factors in school success. TALK, L.C. has helped transform students into confident communicators, as well as inform adult caregivers of children’s needs and progress in a positive manner.”  
Susan Hill, Director Creative Learning Center
“It is always hectic when you have to contract out a service and not hire the employee yourself. Caroline Harding ensures that this process goes as smoothly as possible and provides highly professional staff. The therapists that have been provided to me from TALK have a great attendance record. The therapists also have the ability to communicate effectively with parents, teachers, and other staff members.I recommend TALK without reservations. They are truly a wonderful company to work with. The therapists provided are competent and highly motivated. It has truly been a wonderful school year”  
Carrie Mouser Gravely, Director of Special Education, Nottoway County Public Schools
“Caroline has truly been an untiring force for good in this process. Her caring and concern for not only my biological child in his time of need but for all the kids I have taught. This devotion shows me not only her talent as a speech therapist but her desire to help children regardless of their station in life.  I highly recommend Caroline Harding to any school or private individual who is looking for a therapist to truly make a difference with their children. She is an asset to any institution and prayer come true to a worried parent.”  
Blair K. Grigg, Assistant Head,  St. Andrew’s School

“My two sons have enjoyed the individual attention Charlotte, with TALK, L.C. has given them each week. Charlotte is excellent at communicating her desired speech goals for each of them. The boys look forward to their speech sessions and have displayed greater confidence. Now, they even correct my speech!”  
Becky Gleberman, Richmond, Virginia
“To hear our son speak now, it is hard to remember where we started, less than a year ago, when we met with Charlotte for the first time. He had worked with another therapy group for 9 months, with very little improvement, when we decided to give TALK a try. My expectations were pretty low, and I anticipated very slow progress. Boy, was I wrong! From the first session I could see, and hear, dramatic improvements. Every week, our son masters new words and sounds. As an added bonus, he LOVES working with Charlotte. She makes the “work” that they do so much fun! Best of all, instead of being self-conscious about his speech, he is so proud of what he has learned and tells us all the time, ‘I’m a good talker now.’”  
Erin Bacon, Richmond, Virginia
“My son had dramatic speech problems from day one. When he began to talk, he was totally unintelligible. He had speech therapy through the school system from Kindergarten till fifth grade. He made progress, but not enough, and the school wanted to discontinue services, that is until Erika Robinson began working with him. Mrs. Robinson worked with him several times a week. It got to the point that he only had to iron out the “r” problem. Easier said than done. It seemed that we were destined to move to New York or Connecticut! My son loved working with Mr. Robinson, as she made it fun and interesting. When the conventional tactics didn’t work, she came up with original and innovative ideas to get the job done. Finally, the day came when Jonny came home from school and pronounced his dog’s name Brucie properly. We were ecstatic! Later he called his sister, Sarah. When she heard him say her name, she began to cry.  We are truly grateful for the time, energy, and thoughtfulness that Mrs. Robinson put into her therapy with my son. She never gave up on him and as a result improved the quality of his life.”            
Debbie Goldie, Charlottesville, Virginia